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“I win, you loose!” Teaching students about conflict resolution

ConflictConflicts emerge when there is a disagreement about ideas, feelings or needs between people or groups. Too often, simple conflicts are not solved and they might become the source of aggressive behavior. It is important to help students (and adults) develop their relationship skills by teaching them a process to solve conflicts in positive and constructive ways. When students are able to solve conflicts independently, they become more autonomous and less dependent on adults’ facilitation skills. Conflicts are part of life and they provide us with a great opportunity for learning and development!

The following video outlines 4 simple steps to teach students how to resolve conflicts. This protocol is adapted from Barbara Porro’s Talk it Out.  Watch the video and share in the comments section below: What other resources have you found valuable when teaching about conflict resolution?


  1. Laura #

    I would love to watch the video, but it says it’s private

    September 16, 2014

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