Can’t My Kids Just Get Along?

No matter how much your children like to play together and love each other, the likelihood that they are fighting harder and more often since the shelter-in-place started is pretty high. It is understandable. They are together ALL the time with fewer opportunities to have their own space. And while it is nice to ask older siblings to play with and entertain the younger ones, their patience can also run out. While conflicts among siblings are to be expected, they can be very triggering for parents who are trying to meet their work responsibilities and feel preoccupied about the health of loved ones. Siblings fighting = upset parents. Can we change that equation?

In this article, you will find strategies to help children manage their emotions during a conflict with a sibling (Spanish version here), these tools will hopefully help deescalate the situation and avoid a fight. I wrote the article before COVID-19, but I think we need these strategies more than ever! Take a look, and let me know what else you are doing to keep your children from fighting.

Stay safe and healthy. Stay home.

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