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In Teaching with the HEART in Mind, you’ll learn:

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From the Foreword

Teaching with the HEART in Mind is the profound, exemplary guiding light for social-emotional learning and teaching!  It provides educators with what they have expressed is so critically needed both now and in the immediate future as we consider vital ways to truly educate all our students for high levels of learning for self-actualization and self-transcendence.”

Yvette Jackson, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Senior Scholar, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education

Advance Praise for Teaching with the HEART in Mind

“We now know that learning is built on the foundation of positive relationships and interactions with others. In Teaching with the HEART in Mind, Lorea Martinez provides essential guidance to create these relationships by effectively implementing social-emotional learning so all children can feel a sense of belonging and thrive. Anyone who is looking for a practical and research-based guide to strengthen school communities through SEL should read this book.”
Linda Darling-Hammond, Ph.D.

President, Learning Policy Institute
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

“This book provides important scientific information and practical guidance and strategies that will help teachers become more effective, passionate educators who are better able to enhance the social, emotional, and academic competencies of all students. I encourage all educators and school administrators who are committed to understanding and implementing quality social and emotional learning to read this excellent resource.”
Roger Weissberg, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chief Knowledge Officer, CASEL

“Lorea Martinez has created a new tool kit to help build a new, caring, supportive and successful schoolhouse. In Teaching with the HEART in Mind, she shows exactly why and how to put the emotions of the learner and the instructor front and center, to optimize benefits for ALL children.  This is a book you will wear out quickly from frequent and enthusiastic use!”
Maurice Elias, Ph.D.

Director, Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab

“In these times of educational upheaval, Dr. Martinez offers a template for all educators to teach with HEART. Starting with research from today’s leading scientists and moving on to practical applications of those insights with examples from her own teaching experience, Dr. Martinez skillfully convinces the reader that all learning is indeed social and emotional.”
David Adams

Chief Executive Officer
The Urban Assembly

Teaching With The Heart in Mind is a must read for today’s education professional. Teaching is an act of the heart and the mind. Dr. Martinez’ attention to the former is well articulated and long overdue.”
Brian Perkins, Ph.D.

Director, Summer Principals Academy
Teachers College, Columbia University

“This is a wise and practical book that is grounded in excellent research and well synthesized practice experience. It provides adaptable approaches and tools that teachers can use to create classroom conditions for learning that support the social, emotional, and cognitive development of every student.”
David Osher, Ph.D.

Vice President and Institute Fellow
American Institute of Research (AIR)

HEART in Mind Videos

Launch Party!

Lorea celebrates that Teaching with the HEART in Mind is out and available in all major book retailers by sharing 4 key messages from the book.

We can’t teach what we don’t practice

Lorea discusses why SEL is mostly about the adults, not the kids, and gives viewers a sneak peek into her new book’s content.

SEL is more than a curriculum

Lorea discusses why SEL is more than a curriculum and gives viewers a sneak peek into the 4 essential conditions for learning included in her new book.

SEL and equity working together

Lorea discusses why and how SEL needs to be centered in equity in order to meet its very purpose and help all students thrive.

The HEART in Mind Model

Lorea discusses why educators need a framework to effectively teach SEL and unveils the 5 skills behind the HEART in Mind model

Empower your students to be their best selves

Get Teaching with the HEART in Mind and plant the seeds for a more caring, equitable future through education infused with social emotional learning!

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