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Creating Milestone Experiences

During this week, students in Kindergarten and 1st grade at my daughter’s school participate in a special, off campus trip that is unique to their grade level. These trips provide experiential learning opportunities for students tied to the school’s core curriculum. As the students get older, these milestone trips increase in complexity (and days away from home), challenging students in different ways. The classroom teacher reminded us, parents, how this was a special moment for students to experience by themselves. So, I will have to (patiently) wait until she gets home to find out how everything went! Read more

Finish the year strong! Celebrate your students’ growth

When I was a special education teacher, the last few weeks of school felt like being in a tornado. I was pulled in so many different directions that it felt somebody else was in charge of my life! My colleagues were not doing better and any small conflict would terminate in an argument or teachers snapping at each other. Everybody felt rushed, tired, often overwhelmed… and just plain done with the year! Yet, somehow we always managed to finish (most) projects, write report cards and even organize some fun activities for the students. Read more

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