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Let’s Talk Diversity

Researchers have found that children as young as 6 months show signs of racial bias. That is to say, they show a preference for people who look like them and their parents. Despite the fact that children notice these differences at an early age, a majority of parents rarely discuss race/ethnicity, gender, class or other categories of social identity with their kids, according to a nationally representative survey of more than 6,000 parents conducted by Sesame Workshop and NORC at the University of Chicago.

If you are trying to figure out how to discuss these topics with your children and support them to develop a positive identity, join me on Thursday, September 24th at 7pm EST/4pm PST for a conversation about how to raise children who appreciate diversity. You can join this free event here.


Equity Centered SEL

Based on popular demand, I will be sharing one resource that can help you center your SEL work in equity in each post. While the 3 bridges to an equity centered SEL can be a starting point to understand the necessary shifts, the work is complex and we will need to pull as many resources as possible to make this work happen.

The Leading Equity Podcastproduced by Dr. Sheldon Eakins, has a ton of resources and tools for educators who want to bring equity to their schools and classrooms. I recently spoke with Sheldon about SEL and fidelity. You can access the episode here.

3 Things to Grow a Resilient Heart

Last week I spoke with HITN Learning about how moms can nurture their resilience to deal with these challenging times (if you missed the conversation, check out the video.) During the event, I asked these moms “how are you feeling?” and was not surprised to read their answers—overwhelmed, anxious, scared… and the most popular: stressed.   Read more

Can’t My Kids Just Get Along?

No matter how much your children like to play together and love each other, the likelihood that they are fighting harder and more often since the shelter-in-place started is pretty high. It is understandable. They are together ALL the time with fewer opportunities to have their own space. And while it is nice to ask older siblings to play with and entertain the younger ones, their patience can also run out. While conflicts among siblings are to be expected, they can be very triggering for parents who are trying to meet their work responsibilities and feel preoccupied about the health of loved ones. Siblings fighting = upset parents. Can we change that equation? Read more

Taking SEL Home

When I pick up my daughter from school, I often ask her these questions: What made you laugh? Who did you help? Were you brave today? Her answers give me insights into how her day went, what she enjoyed doing and how she felt at school. She doesn’t always want to talk about how school went, but it is important for me as a parent to initiate that conversation and create the time for us to check-in. Sometimes she will ask back, how was your day Mom? Read more

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