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My consulting practice focuses on helping schools, teachers, and families develop practices that support students’ social and emotional growth, based on what they are already doing in the classroom or at home. I partner with clients to identify their strengths, their core values and the challenges they want to address. In light of these findings, I provide customized recommendations and facilitate a process to design an action plan. My recommendations are based on research-validated strategies to successfully implement SEL and incorporate the particular needs of schools, families and students.

My services include:

  • Needs assessment (teachers, students and parents). Including analysis of school climate surveys, as well as more targeted assessments of social and emotional competencies.
  • Recommendations for SEL implementation. Includes conducting an inventory of current practices; recommendations are based on what your school is already doing.
  • Professional development for teachers, administrators, and parents. Workshops are tailored to schools’ needs, and are specifically designed to integrate SEL in the school’s program.

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