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I am an Education Consultant supporting schools 160214_IMG_033and teachers integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in their educational programs and teaching practices as they transition to the Common Core State Standards. I hold a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; I am a former special and general education teacher, administrator and data analyst. I’m based in the San Francisco-Bay Area, but consult across the US and Spain.

For my award-winning doctoral dissertation, I researched the conditions that facilitate educational practices that attend to both students’ cognitive and social-emotional needs in a K-6 charter school in East Palo Alto, CA. Using a participatory methodology, action research, teachers engaged in all stages of the process and were key players in the design, development and evaluation of the SEL intervention. The school is now in its 3rd year of implementation:

 It is common to hear students talk about learning from challenges and mistakes, navigating their emotions and creating positive actions both in their classrooms and on the playground.  After one year of implementation, behavior referrals were reduced by 35%. We are still refining our SEL curriculum and school-wide program, but are really pleased with the outcomes thus far.”  Sharon Johnson, Principal

Through this research, I understood that teaching SEL and integrating its content and strategies into teaching practices and academic standards requires not only professional development services for teachers, but also an ongoing reflection about our own practice and a continuous dialogue with other practitioners that are trying to do the same.

This website and blog is my starting point for helping you, teacher, administrator or parent, support students’ learning by helping them develop the skills of emotional intelligence.

Contact me to set up an introductory meeting or check out my current services!

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