Dr. Lorea Martínez

Social Emotional Learning

“Dr. Martínez provides essential guidance to create positive relationships in schools by effectively implementing social-emotional learning so all children can feel a sense of belonging and thrive. Anyone who is looking for a practical and research-based guide to strengthen school communities through SEL should read her book.”
Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, Learning Policy Institute President

Teaching with the HEART in Mind

This book provides a comprehensive roadmap to the psychology of emotions, relationships, and adversity in learning while equipping educators to teach SEL skills and develop their own emotional intelligence.

“I encourage all educators committed to understanding and implementing quality social and emotional learning to read this excellent resource.”

– Dr. Roger Weissberg, CASEL Chief Knowledge Officer

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Growing your HEART Skills

  • Unlock your full potential

  • Reclaim your joy

  • Reconnect with your purpose

Learn a proven framework to develop your own social and emotional skills… so you can recharge your emotional batteries, think about challenges in an empowering way, and show yourself more compassion, empathy and care. Strengthening your adult SEL skills is doable with this program.

Adult SEL Course


Inspiring keynotes, workshops and virtual events that have attendees feeling confident and ready for action. Lorea’s dynamic presentations leave participants motivated, ready for change, and equipped with strategies to take their teaching to the next level. For more than a decade, she has been supporting schools and educational organizations to effectively implement SEL practices through keynotes, workshops, and trainings, and has helped thousands of educators find their way back to their purpose. 

Supporting Organizations with SEL

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