“Dr. Martínez is one of the top experts on integrating social emotional learning–not as a “box to check”–but as a robust methodology for creating a context where students and educators can flourish.”

–Josh Freedman, CEO and Co-founder, Six Seconds

Consulting Services

Dr. Lorea Martínez works with schools, districts, and educational technology and media organizations that want to integrate the principles of social emotional learning into their practices, products and learning communities, with a focus on adult capacity, academic integration, and equity.

Trying to effectively implement SEL in your school or district?

Lorea has helped schools and districts with their SEL implementation efforts by helping them to identify needs, create effective plans, and build the capacity of the adults working with children to promote equitable outcomes.

Looking for thought leadership to increase the SEL expertise of your team and audience?

Lorea has brought her expertise as a practitioner and researcher to organizations looking to develop their SEL knowledge and skills by creating and delivering engaging professional development, supporting course creation, coaching leadership teams and conducting research.

Seeking to integrate SEL content in your products to better meet the needs of your audience?

Lorea has helped educational media and technology companies to effectively integrate social and emotional skills in their products by providing feedback on product design, academic integration and content development.

David Rust

Learning Media Executive

Lorea brought unique insights to Hispanic and Information Telecommunications Network (HITN) in two dimensions of most concern to us: cultural and linguistic diversity, and different media platforms. By engaging in this ground-breaking work, Lorea combined qualities of careful academic analysis, appreciation of the technology, and empathy for the families and teachers we served. And in conducting herself within our organization, she brought the drive of an entrepreneur and an open and collegial spirit, helping the parties involved find common cause, fill gaps, and make connections. She never let us down.”

Dr. Maggie MacIsaac

Superintendent Burlingame School District

“Dr. Lorea Martínez was instrumental in strengthening our abilities to be good communicators, relationship builders and able to incorporate the necessary SEL skills our students needed to be successful learners. Lorea worked with the Burlingame School District for several years, putting the district well in advance of the state mandates for SEL. Teachers and leaders were able to create supportive and caring environments that equipped students to be the very best they could be.”

Supporting Organizations with SEL

Let’s Make Things Happen

Contact Lorea and find out how SEL can make your organization thrive.

“Without Lorea’s guidance and knowledge, our SEL program would not be as successful as it is today.”

Pam Scott


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