It’s Launch Day!

Teaching with the HEART in Mind, a complete educator’s guide to Social Emotional Learning, is out today! I am filled with BIG feelings—excitement, anxiety, pride and most of all, gratitude for the opportunity to make this contribution to the world.

But a book doesn’t belong just to its author, but to the many people who have inspired, supported, and helped the author grow. And once the book is out in the world, it belongs to the readers who will be touched by its message.

On this day, I am thinking about all the students, teachers, principals, parents, colleagues, family and friends who have contributed to my growth and continue to inspire me to do a job that I love. This book is for you!

With practical techniques for educators of all subjects, Teaching with the HEART in Mind provides a comprehensive roadmap to the psychology of emotions, relationships, and adversity in learning. Check out this Launch Day video, where I share 4 key messages from the book.

My hope is that it will support teachers to become the best educators they can be!

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