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Learn with the Expert

A Seesaw webinar that explores 3 ways emotions impact learning.

Equity-Based Conversations

A webinar about Transforming with Purpose, an essential HEART skills.

Supporting Young Children with SEL

SEL starts with the adults. Learn why in this webinar focused on early childhood.

Nurturing Moms’ Resilience

Lorea shares valuable tips on how to nurture resilience and keep a positive attitude.

Podcast Appearances

SEL Is Not a Destination

Why SEL and equity can support each other to nurture the whole child.

HEART in Mind

SEL for teachers and classrooms.

Social Emotional Learning with Dr. Lorea Martínez

Practical steps to nurture purpose and connection in our home classrooms.

Help for Integrating SEL with Dr. Lorea Martínez

Transitioning back to the classroom and building community in the new school year.

Meaningful SEL – Where to begin?

The critical role of SEL in our pandemic world and classrooms.

Teaching with the HEART in Mind

Integrating SEL into school practices and learning communities.

How Essential is SEL in our Education System?

How SEL benefits students in school and beyond.

Teaching with the HEART in Mind

Bringing SEL to schools for deeper learning.

How to Implement SEL with the HEART in Mind

The emotions of mathematics and other SEL lessons.

A Framework for Teaching and Learning SEL

The complexities of SEL implementation.

A Conversation with Dr. Lorea Martínez

The current and future state of SEL in education.

Teaching with the HEART in Mind: What Is It?

A deep dive into the 5 skills in the HEART in Mind model.

The Importance of SEL in Early Childhood

Recognizing and attuning to the emotions of young children.

Teaching with the HEART in Mind and Neurodiverse Students

The role of emotions and relational trust in teaching and learning.

Are Academics the One Priority in Education?

Using HEART skills in parenting to become better parents.

SEL and Equity

SEL, culturally responsive practices and parenting.

SEL and Self-care

Looking inward supports effective teaching


Relationships at the Heart of Learning

Creating supportive learning environments that incorporate what we know about the role of emotions in learning.

Five Ways to Celebrate your Students’ Cultures

Cultural competence can help teachers create more trusting relationships with students.

How One Elementary School Integrates SEL

Teachers find innovative ways to incorporate SEL into regular lessons and daily routines

A Pathway to Better Social and Emotional Learning

Realizing that expectations for the expression of emotions are shaded by gender and race can help teachers provide more effective SEL.

Optimism Is a Learnable Skill

Understanding the differences between pessimism and optimism can help students improve the way they respond to challenges.

Developing Teachers’ Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional competencies help teachers avoid burnout and increase well-being.

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Parenting needs to include time for parents to take care of themselves too.

Growing Hearts In Our Families and Schools

How to use the HEART in Mind model to create joyful, peaceful and connected families.

Raising Children who Appreciate Diversity

Parents can intentionally nurture an appreciation for diversity in their children.

Empower your students to be their best selves

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