Using SEL to Build a Better Future

Dear SEL advocate,

How have you been? I was in Spain presenting Pedagogía con corazón to different organizations when the war against Ukraine started. My heart feels heavy seeing so many families being separated, the millions of refugees leaving their homes and the loss of innocent lives.

My children want to know why I am glued to the news every evening. Honestly, it has been hard to find the words to describe what is happening. This article gave me some ideas and the courage to have the conversation. I hope it is helpful to you as well.

During these challenging times, it is important to continue doing what we can to build a better future for our children. This week, we have a special opportunity to do so:

This Friday, March 11, educators and parents around the world celebrate the third annual International Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day. The theme this year is Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good. SEL Day is dedicated to showcase, promote, advocate for and support SEL in local schools, organizations and communities.

In honor of SEL Day, I’ll be doing two free events this week and giving away free copies of Teaching with the HEART in Mind. See details below!

I hope you will join me in celebrating SEL Day by modeling, teaching and supporting SEL in any way you can. Check out these SEL Day toolkits for ideas and additional resources.

And don’t forget that March is Women’s History Montha time to remember the many historical, cultural and political contributions of women and continue the fight against the gender inequality that still exists in many contexts. Check out these resources by Learning for Justice.

Join these free events or watch the recording, and sign up for SEL4CA to claim a free SEL book!

Spanish webinar about emotional regulation and autonomy
Webinar about SEL and parenting
Book Giveaway!

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