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I have been reflecting on the progress we have made in the SEL field.

After 10 years working in this field, I know that there is one key aspect that many schools trying to do SEL are missing: supporting ADULTS in developing their own social and emotional skills.

The truth is, most of us didn’t go to a school that taught us how to regulate our emotions or be assertive, while also showing compassion. I certainly didn’t. Instead, I had to learn these essential life skills through trial and error…and I made a LOT of errors!

It’s one of the main reasons I became so passionate about helping adults build these skills, and led me to develop the HEART in Mind Model, as well as write Teaching with the HEART in Mind: A Complete Educator’s Guide to Social Emotional Learning.

Since creating the HEART in Mind Model, I’ve helped — and watched — thousands of educators use this framework to develop their social and emotional skills and reclaim more peace and joy in their jobs and lives.

My mission now is to help YOU do the same, and to provide you with an intimate space to reflect on your own social and emotional skills, and learn and practice new tools that can transform your life.


Growing Your HEART Skills

Growing Your HEART Skills is a 7-module online course that will teach you the HEART in Mind Model and help you develop your social and emotional capacity so that you can reclaim your joy for education, become a better educator, and live your entire life with more compassion, empathy, and peace.

As part of Growing Your HEART Skills, you’ll receive:

  • 7 Learning Modules that will teach you the five HEART skills step-by-step
  • 14 tools to help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your work and life, including a pre and post assessment of HEART skills

How does that sound? I am SO excited that this NEW online course is finally ready, and that you will be able to get the support you need to grow your HEART skills.

Learn all about my new course and get started today by clicking on this link.

And since you are a reader of HEART in Mind and I can’t wait for you to experience this course, I have a special offer for you! The first 20 people that sign up for my Course + Community will receive a FREE group coaching call with me. So don’t delay, and sign up today! I would love to see your name on that list.

And if you are looking for bulk orders for your school or district, reach out with your details.

Looking forward to supporting your HEART journey!

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