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Weekly Parenting Tips

Parents need tools to develop their own resilience and confidence, as well as support their kids in growing their social and emotional skills. In Lorea’s weekly newsletter, you will find curated resources and tools for your parenting toolbox.

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Talk with Children about Racism and Injustice

In order to dismantle racism, we need to raise anti-racist children. This requires having difficult, yet important conversations about race, social justice and equity. Check out these resources to get you started.

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Coronavirus Resources for Parents

The global pandemic has impacted families in significant ways. Parents are faced with the challenges of supporting their children at home, carrying their own job responsibilities, and maintaining a sense of harmony in their homes.

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Weekly Parenting Tips

September 12

Teaching how to Ask for Help

Asking for help is a skill that many adults still haven’t perfected. They may perceive it is a sign of weakness, and yet they expect children to ask for help when needed. By starting early and having a plan, children will grow up recognizing when they need help, how to manage their own emotions about asking for help, and being able to communicate what they need to a trusted person.

In this short video (3 min), Lessons for SEL (a platform with many SEL resources) you can learn how to teach your kids to ask for help.

September 5 

Punishment vs. Restorative Practices

Children and youth make mistakes. Some are small, others quite big… While mistakes and poor choices are part of growing up (many things just need to be learned through experience), it may be difficult for parents to approach these situations from a place of understanding and compassion instead of punishment.

For many parents, punishment may be the only tool they know to address children’s wrongdoing. It is what they experienced growing up and now what they use with their own children.

While we need to hold our children accountable for their choices, and provide an appropriate consequence if needed, punishments don’t restore a relationship that has been damaged or improve trust between adults and children.

On the other hand, restorative practices—taking responsibility, making amends, and seeking forgiveness—are a positive alternative to strict punishments and blame. In this article, you can learn how to use restoration and forgiveness when kids do something wrong. I hope you find it helpful!

August 29

Back to School! And Mastering that Morning Routine

Did your children start school yet? My girls started school last week. And let me tell you… it was rough! Despite my best efforts to have a peaceful morning, things didn’t work out as planned. I very quickly realized how “rusty” everyone is (both children and adults) with the morning routine.

This transition from summer to school is a big one! Everyone is going to need additional practice (and grace) to go back to a positive and healthy rhythm. We can do it, but we’ll need a little extra effort from all parties involved.

In this article, you can get ideas for how to master your kids’ morning routine and eliminate or reduce the amount of stress in those early hours. I am working on “get yourself ready first.” What about you? What’s something easy and something hard on this list?

Resources to Talk with Children about Racism and Injustice

Resources for Adults Looking to Develop their Cultural Competence

Coronavirus Resources for Parents

The spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to impact the lives of many families across the globe. While many schools are back to in-person learning, there are many reasons that make the 2021-22 school year very difficult. Here are a few resources to support parents as they navigate the challenges of this ongoing pandemic. And if you need any support, please send me a note. I am here for you.

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