The HEART in Mind Model

There is one thing that educators always need more of… can you guess what it is? Time! When I did my doctoral dissertation on SEL, I found that “lack of time” was the single most important reason why teachers wouldn’t adopt new practices in their classrooms, even when they knew those practices would greatly benefit their students.

So when I started writing Teaching with the HEART in Mind, I knew I wanted to create a framework that was practical and easy to implement, yet based on the latest research findings. My goal was to create a roadmap that would help educators create the classrooms they always wanted. And I am so glad readers are finding this framework helpful:

“Lorea lays out an easy to follow framework with ideas for explicit SEL instruction in the classroom as well as integration of SEL with academic. She supports teachers assessing the social-emotional needs of students and how to see the social-emotional demands in content standards and plan lessons for social, emotional, and cognitive development.”

The HEART in Mind model represents a practical application of essential knowledge, attitudes and skills for students and adults to be socially, emotionally, and culturally competent in their lives. These important skills are represented by the acronym HEART and organized to show you a developmentally appropriate progression of skill development.

What does HEART stand for? Check out the video below to learn the skills behind the HEART in Mind model.

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