Appreciating Teachers

This week I observed a class of 8-year-old engineers build a working Rube Goldberg machine that could water a plant. These 2nd graders worked in small groups to discuss ideas and decide on a plan, build simple machines, and test if their ideas worked.

This was a clear example of how SEL can be integrated with academics. While students were applying what they knew about simple machines, the real lesson was on teamwork and practicing how to work together.

It gave me great joy to witness the wonderful work that teachers are doing to support their students and intentionally integrate SEL into their lessons.

When educators connect essential HEART skills with academic content, they create an environment that promotes deeper learning.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!

During Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to say THANK YOU to all the educators who day in and day out are supporting children and youth across the globe. You do it with care, patience, and compassion, despite the impossible working conditions and the lack of recognition.

I see you and appreciate all your efforts.

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